Feb on My Phone

Inspired by many!
  1. Geocaching!
    Ww have now found all four hidden on this hiking trail.
  2. Climbing up these steps and surviving!
    I've been exercising almost everyday and I can finally climb without thinking my lungs will explode.
  3. Hanging out with my crew of kids!
    Took six kids to a duck pond and walking trail. I'm slightly insane.
  4. Dinner with the cousins!
    My older niece looks a lot like I did when I was a young girl.
  5. Big girl Betty!
    My husband claims she's visiting. I say otherwise.
  6. She walks me!
    I now have a bum shoulder from her enthusiastic walking.
  7. Mortifying my kid by taking a picture while he is sleeping!
    But realistically how many years will I have for this.
  8. And this is from March but it's too yummy looking not to share!
    Trying to figure out how to make this and fit it into my clean-eating meal plan.