This is what I did on Long Island today!
  1. Checked the outside temperature.
    33 degrees! Yippee!
  2. Put on a long sleeve shirt.
    My favorite. Might as well get use out of it while I can.
  3. Put on my fake Uggs
    My tootsies will be cold otherwise
  4. Put on my winter coat.
    Nice and toasty.
  5. Go outside.
    Windy! Why did I bother to comb my hair?
  6. Put the heat on in the car.
    The wind is just cutting through this coat.
  7. Smell the Spring air!
    Smells like snow.
  8. Hang out and wait for the snow
    Yes, snow. 4-8 inches possible.
  9. I just want to wear my sandals, like I did last week when it was still winter.