Fun Facts About Milo the Cat

Thanks for the request @Sim0n!
  1. This is Milo. Here are some Fun Facts about him!
  2. He was abandoned at our vet's office at five weeks old. He fit into the palm of my hand.
  3. Now, not so much! I think he is pushing 20 pounds.
  4. He is very intuitive. He slept with my Mom when she was recovering from heart surgery. He slept on my son when he had strep.
  5. And he never left Ernie's side during his last week on Earth. That would have been my side too.
    The picture is not so great but, this is how we were. They cat-kissed when I told Milo to say good-bye.
  6. He has new friends that he smacked once or twice in the head so that they knew who's boss.
  7. He's also a fan of catnip.
  8. He is allergic to cat litter. And yes, this has proved to be an "issue."
    It has also led my husband to declare him "the worst cat ever." I disagree!
  9. He's drunk a lot of the time.
    (Just kidding!)
  10. He loves paper bags though!
    As do lots of kitties!
  11. He once lost weight because he was pulling out his fur and getting fur balls. We thought it was bad skin but, it turned out, he was afraid of one if our dogs.
    The dog became aggressive with children and we had to rehome the dog. We didn't realize that the dog was Milo's issue until the dog was gone. Mom guilt followed.
  12. Gotta love this face!