Inspired by @jeanette and her cat Waffles.
  1. This is the "Old Man" Ernie. He is close to 17 years old. We found him as a stray when he was four months old. He is the alpha cat even though he is creaky.
  2. Sagwa was one of our foster kittens this summer. She looked like a cat my husband had 30 years ago. So she stayed. She is named after the book "Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat."
  3. This is Cate, another foster kitten who stayed. We tried to get her adopted by four different families. We finally decided she was too much of a love bug to part with.
  4. Milo. Fat and happy and half in the bag apparently.
  5. Here is his sweet face. When my Mom stayed with us after surgery last year, he wouldn't leave her side.
  6. Lulu. She was abandoned and found by a local rescue group. She had been shaved and was about one and pregnant. She was about to be a feral cat. Luckily, she was placed with us. She is now fluffy and well fed.
  7. Ernie loves the little ones.
  8. And Cate loves everyone! Also pictured ( and also once a stray), Max the dog.