1. So, I have to finish this list because, ya know, no drafts.
  2. I'm stressin' here folks!
  3. This is, however, less stressful than trying to sell ten tickets to and get two raffle baskets for a Cheer Team Applebees' fundraiser this Sunday.
    Riverhead, NY! $10! 8 am-10am! I'm desperate here guys!
  4. But I digress. Here are my drafts:
  5. Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Criticisms?
    I'm kind of interested in finishing LUDGATING
  6. And the STATEN ISLAND SUMMER one.
    Because even my 80 year old mother liked it.
  7. Probably the Babysitting/Romantic Relationship one two.
    These love bugs who I had to say goodbye to. Reasons to follow.
  8. Why Don't You Just Quit? involves this Chick
    The one who loved Staten Island Summer.
  9. Aren't we, as writers at any level, supposed to keep our drafts and notes? Isn't that a "writer" thing? At least that's what I tell students.
  10. Drafts are for deciding if we want this:
  11. Well, I have to end this awkwardly because I don't know how to end it and I can't save it.