Good Things That Happened This Summer

Losing my Dad has been really rough but, here are some good memories from summer 2016
  1. National Dance Competition!
  2. National Title with good friends!
  3. The event was held at Kalahari Resorts!
  4. Romantic breakfast on the 24th Anniversary of our first date!
  5. Season pass at Splish Splash waterpark on Long Island!
  6. Geocache!
  7. Even more geocache!
  8. Seeing friends we haven't seen for awhile!
  9. Finding my teenage Dad's artwork!
  10. Taking embarrassing pictures of my children sleeping!
  11. Another one!
  12. Making $$$ sitting for this crew plus my two! SO enthusiastic about the heat and humidity!
  13. So, while it sucked and still sucks ( it's only been six weeks), there were some positive things too.