There will be a couple of more lists to tell you why we do this, myths, and more. Thought I'd start with the fun stuff first!
  1. Getting together with our friends and making gingerbread houses.
  2. Schoolwork on the couch.
  3. Using art material you wouldn't get to use in school.
  4. Sleeping in after a long day of activity.
    If you never hear from me again, it's because my daughter discovered this picture and killed me.
  5. Trip to the county courthouse and jail.
    We actually saw an arraignment. A woman lost custody of her kids for drunk driving.
  6. Making catapults.
  7. Math in your PJs.
  8. Making frescos as part of a Leonardo DaVinci unit.
  9. Learning about World Culture through cooking.
  10. Going to Montauk Point on a weekday.
  11. Hanging out with Pigeon on the bus on a Thursday morning in NYC
  12. Meeting Pam Munoz Ryan and having her sign her newest book.
    Same Thursday.
  13. Star Wars party!
  14. Light Saber fruit kabobs!
  15. Mushroom Farm Tour
  16. Before another farm tour
  17. Meeting the chickens at the wheat farm.
  18. 911 Command Center field trip.
  19. We always need a group shot.
    The parents want it. My crew rolled their eyes. Too bad, I love a "class" picture!
  20. Bring your big kids to work day.
    I babysat for twin toddlers. Although this is not an example, my daughter worked on a child development unit with these munchkins.
  21. My son is not a big reader but shared with his little friends.
  22. Homeschool Field Day 2016
    For those who thought socialization is an issue!