So how did Kate "Kate Plus 8" Gosselin get all those kids at once?
  1. My kids are 11 and 13. They know some basics but this documentary was actual real people who allowed everything to be filmed.
    I let the kids believe it was animation.
  2. So, they show the typical one sperm, one egg scenario, which was alternately weird and interesting.
  3. Which is when they ask how the Gosselin kids happened.
  4. Being that I went through infertility, I knew her story well.
    I knew lots of people's stories.
  5. So now I'm trying to explain PCOS and how with medication, the eggs will pop out and there should only be, maybe two to fertilize.
    "Like the first time there were twins," my daughter said
  6. Oh good, they are following!
  7. But now I'm trying to explain how the sperm got to the egg.
  8. I really, really don't want say "turkey baster" because I don't think that is a scientific phrase.
  9. So now I make a hand gesture which inadvertently looks like I'm pounding the bottom of a ketchup bottle, while explaining, "This is actually not the movement. They took a plastic tube and shoot it up there."
    I am concerned that my 11 year old has other images in his mind, like PVC piping or some kind of weaponry.
  10. "Anyway," I explain, "MANY eggs popped out..."
    Just thinking now, 11 year old may have pictured popcorn or chicken eggs coming out of the ovary.
  11. "....and seven got fertilized."
    Yes, there was actually a infant girl who did not make it.
  12. My 13 year daughter's eyes got big, "WHAAAT?"
  13. "And that's about it."
  14. Then we finished the documentary and they were grossed out by the actual birth.
    Bloody and sticky, it was noted.
  15. Ketchup bottles, PVC pipes, popcorn, and chicken eggs. I think I explained it well.
  16. Of course, this was more alarming than anything.