I Miss the Scott Baio of My Youth

Scott Baio is speaking at the RNC. I hope this shows up in his IMdb because he needs the credits.
  1. I had Scott/Chachi pictures all over my bedroom.
  2. I really thought I wanted to marry Scott Baio.
  3. Later on, I found out he was a Republican.
    Yet I thought it would somehow workout.
  4. But, eventually, I grew up and moved on to NKOTB.
    So, yes, Jonathan Knight has a husband but, he's always been a decent guy. He raises chickens and has a farm and renovates houses. He has never disappointed me. I wanted to marry him too. I'm happy he's happy!
  5. I watched "Scott Baio is 45 and Single." It was all about his womanizing ways. A model of Conservative and family values! Now, I'm pretty sure I dodged a bullet by dumping him.
  6. So now he's decided that he should support Donald Trump! Really? What was wrong with Jeb?
  7. I mean, be a Republican. God and family first, right? But THIS?
    He has a wife and daughter and mother and sister. This is sooo far from some of the Republicans I know. From her tweets, she sounds like a peach too.
  8. And I'm confused. He is the son of immigrants who, in his own words, "assimilated," but this is OK?
  9. So, I'm realizing what started out as a light-hearted list, took a dark turn. Just like Scott!
  10. He's to a fun filled week at the RNC!