Inspired by @alligeeshow ATTENTION:PLEASE DO NOT.
  1. When I was a young girl, my Dad worked with a bachelor named Bob. Bob was a teacher. My Dad was a Truant Officer.
  2. Bob had the habit of dropping by and staying for hours. He always expected Mom to give him dinner. None of this sat well with my parents.
  3. Apparently what was OK was that I had to hug Bob every time he came over. He hugged very tightly. And it was a front hug.
  4. And he had B.O. which lingered on our furniture the next day.
  5. I always had that feeling like this should be OK, but it wasn't, if that makes sense.
  6. As an adult, I said to my Mom that I think Bob was a pedophile.
  7. She said, "Yeah, we kind of thought maybe. But we were always around, so it was safe."
  8. Except for that hug thing.
  9. He's long dead.
  10. But I still can't believe how much anxiety I feel, at 49, writing about this.
  11. So, yeah, please do not make your kid hug or make physical contact with anyone they don't want to.