Organizing post-election to take action
  1. has a great list.
    Even if I just donate a little bit. I'm sure my spelling is off by the way. My list is longer. It just wouldn't fit.
  2. I e-mailed my Senators.
    My Comgressmember is useless
  3. And this: #ImWithHelping
  4. This is about investigating the Russian involvement. If you can't see it well, it's from Debra Messing's twitter feed
  5. House Oversight Commitee
    Call they are being deluged! If it's hard to read, it's on Patton Oswalt's twitter feed.
  6. This seems good!
  7. Not doing business here, but also being conscious that there are thousand of employees too. Looking to find the middle ground
  8. May be contacting my Governor as well in support of Sanctuary Cities.
  9. I'm reaching out to friends who may feel they are in danger.
  10. I'm confused though as to who to call/ what to say regarding Bannon/cabinet appointees/ conflict of interest/too many to name.
    I'm having trouble sorting out who to contact about what.
  11. Thoughts? If I missed your list, please add!
  12. Suggested by @sarahte
  13. Concrete Suggestions in Preparation for 2017 Change in Government
    Suggested by @sarahte
  14. Subscribing to legitimate news outlets such as NYT, The New Yorker, ProPublica, etc.
    Suggested by @Egghead