We are at a Homeschool science class about DNA/Forensics.
  1. I continue to have lots of anxiety and depression because of this election. I can't stomach the way that near 50% of the country is all about too many brown people.
    And I don't care if it's denied. If you support certain things, it's about wanting to "preserve" white American culture.
  2. So we get to the class and students start trickling in.
  3. What a beautiful sea of humanity!
  4. All shades of brown and cream and peach and tan.
  5. All different backgrounds and religions represented.
  6. And no one is freaking out about any of it!
    And I have seen some parents actively avoid others because of religion but, not here.
  7. I just want a country and world where people are truly not racist or bigots or xenophobes.
    No more "I'm not racist but.." or "I don't hate anyone but.. "
  8. I'm glad we are here with children who look like my kids or have the same color skin as my son.
  9. Too bad not everyone can feel the joy I feel when I see so many gorgeous cultures all together.
  10. Sad for them.