Just Went on A Facebook Rant

I should have stayed away. I'm pretty sure I have no more friends.
  1. Too much?
  2. I'm over being "the nice girl."
  3. Also a woman I can't stand who is a homeschool mom put up how she is not deprived, etc.
  4. So it set me off.
  5. And then this. Because freedom of speech is not allowed. I agree kids are off limits but, hell no to firing Katie Rich. She's a great writer for update.
    She said Barron will be the first homeschool shooter. Then she deleted her account. Pretty sure the homeschool Mom's kids will be. I've met them. 😁
  6. So, I think I'm good now! Love all of you! For real!
    And Kate McKinnon because she's awesome!