So many questions...
  1. Why is there pink lemonade?
    No such thing as pink lemons! What gives?
  2. Why does my local bagel shop sell such tart lemonade?
    It's awful and my kids love it.
  3. Why did some disgruntled Hamptons resident turn the Jerry Sienfelds in for operating a lemonade stand last year? What is with that?
    It was for charity and apparently they needed a permit. So, the neighbor called the police, guaranteeing that the charity got less money.
  4. Why do we say sour grapes instead of sour lemons?
    It seems that there are far more sour lemons than sour grapes.
  5. How are we supposed to make lemonade if life hands us lemons if it doesn't hand is sugar and water too?
    No one thought this through.
  6. How come every time I look for a lemonade GIF, Beyonce pops up?
    Did I miss something this weekend?
  7. 🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋