Hershey, PA
  1. Music is not as loud as last year.
  2. Do they have enough garbage cans for when someone pukes? No.
  3. I hope my kid was able to smuggle in his celery with peanut butter.
  4. Awww! Minis!
  5. Aww! Token boy cheerleaders!
  6. Wow! That was cool!
  7. Wow! That was a hot mess.
  8. Wow! Do we have a crier already?
  9. Wow! We're only an hour in?
  10. Bieber cheer music!
  11. They've fallen but they CAN get up!
  12. Almost time for this token boy!
  13. Hope they aren't a hot mess, this rag-tag team of cheerleaders.
  14. Go time! Gooooo girls and Owen!
  15. Oh YEAH! They did so much better than I thought! A couple mistakes but lots of teams did.
  16. Ahh, now to sit back for two hours until awards. Time to read my book!