Kid style!
  1. I actually didn't know this was a thing but when my friend proposed a party for the kids, we were in.
  2. Dressing up was a must!
  3. Wookie paintings!
  4. A little messy but, fun!
  5. There was trivia too! Even I knew answers!
    Well, I was wrong when I said Han's greatest weapon was sarcasm and a sharp wit.
  6. Then the kids made light saber fruit kabobs.
    I ate my weight in grapes but, I digress. Or digest as the caae may be.
  7. Cupcakes courtesy of my friend and her son!
    I ate plenty of fruit so I felt it was OK to eat this yumminess.
  8. A good time was had by all!
    I'm noticing my kid looks miserable but, trust me, he loved it.