Requested by @missv Sorry it took so long to do this.
  1. "Good Girls" avoided the following things because, according to my parents, they were bad or wrong or dangerous.
    Any girl engaging in these things will be assumed to be "loose" or a "whore." (Dads quote)
  2. Cigarettes
  3. Drugs of any kind
  4. Alcohol
  5. Boys
  6. Premarital sex
  7. Laughing at dirty jokes
  8. Swearing
  9. Boy/Girl parties
  10. Disagreeing with parents' views
  11. Confrontation
  12. As a result, instead of rebelling as a teen, it happened at 21.
    I had my own ideas, goals, and I made out with a boy. Dad especially didn't like the kissing part.
  13. I also continued to view drinking, tobacco, and pot smoking as irresponsible.
    This, at almost 50, is still hard for me to shake. Smoking is just gross to me but, the drinking and pot is something I still have a hard time accepting as OK.
  14. I think I probably did not have premarital sex because my parents would disapprove but, also because I was taught to be wary of boys/men. I was very ill-prepared to deal with relationships.
    I can't believe I found a good guy who put up with a lot of insecurity and uncertainty.
  15. I swear a lot now.
  16. I would never advise my kids that members of the opposite sex should be feared or distrusted.
    I want them to be able to have friends of both genders and not be afraid.
  17. I'm teaching my kids to respect themselves and be respectful of others and to learn when someone is not treating them well.
  18. As far as alcohol and drugs, I have advised them to avoid anything that impairs their judgement.
    That's not just about illegal substances. It's about being careful not to drive after taking a strong cold remedy. I've done that and I was definitely impaired.
  19. I hope they stay safe and make good choices.
    It's my job to give them the tools and advice but, not dictate to them.
  20. I don't want to make them feel they need to "good" in order to be a wonderful person.
  21. I want to guide, not scare and guilt them into things.
  22. Because overcoming being a "Good Girl" is a bitch.