Inspired by everyone!
  1. I'm Jessica and I've been part if this community since December '15.
    I don't know how I came to it but here I am!
  2. I've been married to @Judd66 since Oct. 9th, 1993.
    We met on a blind date and married 15 months later.
  3. After several years of trying to start a family, we adopted Madeline in 2004 at a year old, and Owen in 2007 at 2.5years old. Both are from China.
    Usually, only girls are available but, Owen had a repaired cleft palate so he was available.
  4. We live in a too small 2-bedroom house located on Long Island.
    Although we are "out East," we are not in the Hamptons. We are on the outside looking in.
  5. I decided to homeschool the kids five years ago. We do so secularly meaning our science is science and history is history and not Bible based.
    We do lots of cool things, like go to NYC and meet authors of books we've read!
  6. 100: Lists
  7. 5:Number of times I trended.
  8. 1342: Lists I liked
  9. 86: Lists I saved
  10. 55: Highest number of likes received for this list SHE'S A SCIENTIST, DAMMIT!
  11. 6: Number of drafts that may or may not the light of day.
    They include things on adoption and homeschooling as well as some humorous lists.
  12. I believe that this community has been very helpful for me to become more authentic.
  13. I believe my anxiety and anger is much better since joining
  14. I believe that we can learn from each other here and everywhere. Hearing is not the same listening.
  15. I believe that I will stick around!