Inspired by @donnie This is for you @Judd66 !
  1. My husband is Chris Judd
  2. He has never been married to Jennifer Lopez.
    He has been married to me since 1993.
  3. Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd were married from 2001-2003.
  4. And yet, my husband still gets teased about it.
    15 years later.
  5. They spell their names differently by the way.
    Chris vs Cris
  6. Recently though, my husband is proud to take on some of the ribbing.
  7. You see, we are very fortunate that dancer/choreographer Cris is good friends with my daughter's dance studio director.
  8. So he comes by to give Master Classes and choreograph their production numbers.
  9. My husband has cerebral palsy so although he gets around just fine, he doesn't dance.
    He is certainly NOT a choreographer. He's a chemist.
  10. But he now loves teasing all the dance mom's about how he's been working so hard on the performance.
  11. They have yet to meet. I need a picture!
  12. Chris Judd
  13. Cris Judd
  14. Not a choreographer
  15. Choreographer
  16. My Love, the father of my children.
  17. Not my love, the choreographer of my child.