The Stanford rape victim, her rapist, and the outcome remind me very much of several cases that happened when I was in college.
  1. I was about 21 and I hadn't dated at all. I finally dated a guy for a short time.
    I never thought he would attack me but, there were several murder trials around this time that made me feel like if I was raped or murdered, I would be on trial.
  2. Basically, I was a virgin and was just trying out new things. I was clear on what was ok and what wasn't. I had no intention of having sex with him and didn't.
    But I was keenly aware that if something bad happened to me, my reputation would be exploited to make me look like I caused the event to happen.
  3. I was a virgin with barely any dating experience. How could I be blamed?
  4. Easy. I had a "history" of going to a boy's dorm room, of "fooling around" but not having sex, I was "emotional" and possibly indecisive about what I would and would not do.
    This would obviously be confusing and thus I would be asking for it. You know, not his fault at all.
  5. Why would I believe a trial would go this way? Because, at the time, there were several high profile cases where the murder victim was essentially on trial.
    And the men and the defense attorneys basically said, "Whoops! It was an accident! He was clearly confused or defending himself against her abuse or was reacting to her lies and taunting."
  6. Robert Chambers-The Preppie Murder-Strangled Jennifer Levin claiming she attacked him and/or wanted to be choked to achieve orgasm-"The Rough-Sex Defense." Ultimate white privilege. Took a plea for a lesser sentence but was a total screw-up and has spent many years in jail. Oh, and there was a claim of a "sex diary" that never existed.
  7. Matthew Solomon kills wife Lisa but pretended to look for her for days. She was angry at him apparently. He "accidentally" killed her when he "hugged her" too hard. His family wept.
  8. Poor guy is spending his life in jail and has been denied parole six times. People are sooo upset with Lisa's family for keeping him on jail. He's been saved by Jesus and is a good man.
  9. This next case is the one that really put me over the edge. I even wrote an adaptation of the case for my screenplay class.
  10. John Sweeney strangles actress Dominique Dunne, claims she taunted him, led him on, and lied to him. He didn't remember strangling her. In order for her to end up brain dead, he squeezed for 3-4 minutes. He served about three years for manslaughter, mostly because the jury was not allowed to hear about his pattern of abusing women.
  11. So, I was really freaked out in my early twenties.
    And nothing has really changed. White, privileged men still get the benefit of the doubt and woman are probably lying or overreacting or causing it with their supposed promiscuous ways.
  12. Now I have to figure out a way to talk to my daughter about all this.
  13. She knows way too much about her dance teammate's mother being strangled and bludgeoned in September. She had seven yr old twins and three nephews that lived with her. I guess they were fighting about money or her infidelities, which I guess makes him, in his mind justified. He's probably going to plea.
  14. I just don't know when and if it gets better.