I love following different eateries on Instagram. Some of them I've discovered on celebrity accounts such as Jessica Seinfeld and @actuallyNPH . One I added yesterday thanks to @caitlynmn and her NYC culinary adventures. Others I found via Food Network Magazine and celebrity chefs.
  1. Smoked Salmon!
  2. Yes, please!
  3. This is part of Chelsea Market, a place I've been wanting to explore for years
  4. Poco NYC. Probably not high on my list of "must try," but looks yummy none the less. 33 Avenue B, NYC
  5. Cafe Clover, 10 Downing St., NYC. This looks great! Seems like you could get something that doesn't put you in a food coma for three days.
  6. Chalait (thanks @caitlynmn !) Light and healthy.
  7. DONUTS! Decidedly not light and healthy!
  8. BREAD!!!
    Breads Bakery-Union Square, Bryant Park, and Lincoln Center.
  10. I definitely need to eat in Harlem. This looks like the place to try! Owned by Marcus Samuelson.
  11. Emporio 231 Mott St, NYC. I could eat pizza everyday! And gelato too!
  12. I love brunch. This is a "must-do." Apparently, it is small and they don't take reservations. I fear I will be stuck in a line similar to that Portlandia episode.
  13. A place I've been! Big Gay Ice Cream is sooo delicious and has lots of great, different choices.
  14. We've eaten here too! Great food! Balls! Lots of locations!
  15. Not an eatery, but I love Union Square Green Market! So many, locally gown/produced food items. Plus, lots of samples.
  16. Plug for my cousin Scott Stone's website and IG account. He is a world traveller and now recommends authentic ethnic faire in the NYC area.