Thanks for the request @jennamarie !
  1. My 11 year old boy and almost 17 year old cat. I get this almost everyday.
  2. In response to a black and white photo of Van Gogh's asylum bedroom. I love that he has always thought I had a weird sense of humor.
  3. We love to cook together.
  4. Old cat on my chest, feeling each other's heartbeat.
  5. 13 year old has OCD and will not let me touch her or any of her possessions. Rare cozy time with the ever present cat.
  6. Hubby's not a big NYC fan, but he realizes the value in family outings.
  7. I can hear her laugh in this picture. He laugh is the sound I love the most in this world.
  8. When the kids work together peacefully it makes me feel like I've done right by them.
    (Please excuse the sink full of dishes!)
  9. Yet another trip to NYC! It was a nice family day.
  10. My Mom, gorgeous at 79. NYC at Christmas, one of her favorite things to do.
    Her first trip after heart surgery almost a year prior. She would say that this picture/day made her feel loved.
  11. Boy on my shoulder.
  12. Sleeps in the same position since she was an infant.