Based on a lot of things I've seen, read, and heard in the last few months.
  1. When my kids call each other "idiots" and "loser," they get in trouble.
  2. When they, in effect, "spill the beans" on each other, I tell them to stop tattling.
  3. When they use derogatory language and put-downs, I realize that they have nothing constructive to add to the conversation.
  4. If they put down someone's looks, they are told how disrespectful that is and that people are not their appearance.
  5. If they demonstrate little or no empathy for someone, we work on understanding how someone else's circumstance may be effecting his or her life.
  6. They are reprimanded for being rude.
  7. They are not permitted to act as if everyone around them is stupid and that they are the only ones who have all the answers.
  8. They are not permitted to interrupt and need to wait their turn.
  9. They are not allowed to be bullies.
  10. They are not permitted to threaten.
  11. They are taught the difference between fact and opinion.
  12. They are taught that there are many sides to every situation.
  13. They are not permitted to lie about someone for their own benefit.
  14. And my kids will NEVER be allowed to stigmatize others just so maybe those people will slink back into the shadows, shamed and afraid.