Help me, won't you?
  1. Who
    Green lighted this project?
  2. What
    Were they thinking when they approved this script?
  3. Where
    Is the mute button when Pee-Wee releases air from a balloon for what seems like an eternity?
  4. When
    Was it decided that Joe Manganiello should sing?
  5. Why
    Joe, why?
  6. How
    Are we not supposed to commiserate with Pee-Wee when he sings, "Trapped in a well, half way to Hell." ?
  7. Doesn't
    This seem worse than that Netflix Original "The Ridiculous 6"?
  8. Isn't
    This over yet?
  9. "This is one of the worst movies ever."
    My husband
  10. "I like it!"
    My 11 year old boy.
  11. Can I PLEASE watch something else now?