Inspired by @rellimt
  1. General Hospital Comings and Goings
    So important to know this information.
  2. Walt Whitman
    Field trip to his Long Island Home today.
  3. Oh Captain, My Captain
    Read at 10:00pm because I forgot to prep kids earlier in the day for above mentioned trip.
  4. Colleen Ballinger
    How did I not know about her?
  5. Miranda Sings
    Or her?
  6. The Rocky Horror Picture Show:Let's Do the Time Warp Again
    Had to see who was in it. Then I turned it off after 45 min.
  7. Menus-Sylvia's Restaurant
    Son want Soul food for his birthday.
  8. Directions to Sylvia's Restaurant.
    Harlem NY. I have been wanting to go here for years.
  9. Glossary of Ballet
    Daughter's dance homework.