A tribute to the most laid back, gentle, kind-hearted cat @Judd66 and I have ever had.
  1. Today, we realized that Ernie, the cat I had since he was 4 months old, was declining.
  2. He went completely blind this week and had been having trouble breathing for several days.
  3. I made an appointment with the vet for 4:30pm today. Then I made sure we had a last picture together.
  4. In the last several months, our new kitten Cate had gotten close to him.
  5. She is very intuitive and had been sleeping by his side.
  6. My son decided that he wanted to be with us in the doctor's office when Ernie passed. This 11 year old was a rock today, although he sobbed all the way home. He wanted a last picture.
  7. We loved him up until the end. The sedative to relax him actually stopped his breathing. He passed peacefully.
  8. Even though you don't know her, Dr. Keck and her assistant were amazing, letting us spend some final time with him and listen to our stories about him.
    As the assistant said, he had MANY stories.
  9. Like when we found him as a stray and he quickly climbed up a tree.
    Our friend had to climb up to get him. He rode home on my lap.
  10. Or the time he escaped at night, in the snow.
  11. Or when he climbed on top of a bookshelf and fell behind it while we were at work.
  12. Or when a mattress fell on him.
    He seemed to be using those nine lives up quickly!
  13. Or when he knocked down the Christmas tree.
  14. Or leapt off the kitchen counter, through a hole in the ceiling, and rattled around in the attic.
  15. Or when he ran up a ladder into the attic.
  16. He was the first cat either of my kids, who are from China, ever saw.
    He jumped right up on the couch to meet my daughter and she screamed.
  17. He liked to "knead" me.
  18. And I know this is weird, but this cat, in times of stress, would try to nurse......from me!
  19. There are just SO many stories!
  20. Today was very sad but, I know we did the right thing by him.
  21. It's very odd at home right now. There is an emptiness.
  22. A few pictures:
    Unflattering of me but, good of him! He liked to be as close as possible.
  23. Cate learned how to a a cat from Ernie.
  24. We love you Ernie!