Inspired by @Sim0n
  1. You will get married despite the fact that you are fearful of men.
  2. You will finally deal with your anxiety and do things you didn't think you could do.
  3. You will not give birth.
  4. Your children will be from China.
  5. You will homeschool those children.
  6. You will abandon your entire Episcopalian upbringing and live only with a belief in God sans any other teachings.
  7. You will realize that being a homebody is just fine and it's OK to want to avoid people.
  8. You will be unwavering in your political beliefs.
  9. You will not care about the mean stuff your Dad said to you when he is 84 and is in Assisted Living.
  10. You will want to protect him.
  11. You will need to mother your mother when she has open heart surgery.
  12. You will want to protect her even though it is really awful.
  13. You will realize that popularity is a ridiculous concept.
  14. You will discover that pets are better than most people.