Inspired by @Judd66 , my husband.
  1. Whining children.
    Love them dearly but, seriously, every time we start math?
  2. People who have never sent their kids to school explaining how terrible school is.
    I taught for 12 years full-time and subbed for 5 years. They have homeschooled from the beginning. No clue but have a lot to say.
  3. Sinus headaches
    Welcome Spring! I just want my nose to run by everyone else's.
  4. Heartburn brought on by the caffeine in chocolate and coffee
    Literally two of the best foods ever. And I really shouldn't have either. But I do.
  5. Anxiety
    Trying to balance new meds now. Hasn't been working to well.
  6. Dance competition fees
    My babysitting job no longer exists so we're really screwed.
  7. Fundraisers
    For above fees which is good but I HATE asking people to come. We have two in May. I want to weep.
  8. Lack of time to continue to watch Parks and Rec from the beginning.
    Twelve episodes this weekend but, no idea when I can continue. May weep about this too. Did I mention I need to balance my meds?