1. Something to take away the anxiety that none of this will matter and he will still somehow get elected.
    You know when everyone thought Chris Daughtry was safe and didn't need the votes and that's how Taylor Hicks won American Idol Season 5? That's what makes me nervous. Although I do think Taylor Hicks has more of a clue than Trump.
  2. The control to not want to take out anyone who says, "But e-mails.."
    Or Benghazi or Bill or Wall Street speeches.
  3. Someone to help me understand why people think it is OK to demean POC, specific religions, and Rosie O'Donnell but are shocked when they hear the tape.
  4. Someone to inform Mr.Trump that Dr. Kerry Kelly, Chief Medical Officer for the FDNY, who was temporarily buried under the first Tower to fall on 9/11, did more for NYC than he ever did.
    She got much needed medical and mental health services for first responders with the help of then Senator Clinton.
  5. The Today Show to make Billy Bush to go away.
    At first, I thought he was just kind of going along to get along and then I heard the whole thing. I also read that this was not his first time acting like this.
  6. Some kind of medication that will help me handle the Obamas leaving the White House.
    I'm hoping Michelle hosts SNL sometime in February.
  7. Joe Biden to hold me.
    Stop the spinning in my head Joe!