But they're cool/good/informative, I swear!
  1. The Wonder List with Bill Weir on CNN
    Cultural, environmental, anthropological. All the places explored are endangered and disappearing or changing forever. Places explored include Iceland, Cuba, the Alps, Bhutan, the Everglades, and many others. This is tough to find. Try your On Demand or CNN.com and YouTube for clips.
  2. Have a Little Faith with Zach Anner on the SoulPancake YouTube channel
    This was a great way to learn about other religions. Zach, an admitted religious illiterate, interviews folks from many faiths. Muslims, Jews, Christians, Mormons, Quakers, Baptists, Buddhists, and others. So good! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzvRx_johoA80G6wsT1KkOE8x7YbwXwNa
  3. NY Historical Society in NYC
    Next to the American Natural History Museum, it has all kinds of interesting exhibits. Currently, there is an exhibit for author/illustrator Mo Willems (Don' t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus). Past exhibits include Al Hirshfeld, the Batmobile, and 9/11. nyhistory.org
  4. Kate Gosselin's Cookbook Love is in The Mix
    So, I was one of the few people who bought this and reviews were less than kind. I loved it! The best part is that each recipe automatically makes 8-10 servings. I make one batch for my family and get more than enough for two dinners. And my husband says I should never make any version of Pulled Pork other than hers.
  5. Snug Harbor, Staten Island, NYC
    My Colin Jost Twitter stalking led to finding this amazing place. Botanical gardens, Chinese Scholar House, Museums. Very inexpensive or free depending on the area. And like many things, underfunded and always endangered of shutting down. Developers would love to get their hands on this piece of waterfront property. snug-harbor.org
  6. Litton's Weekend Adventure
    Jack Hanna's Wild Countdown, Jeff Corwin's Ocean Mysteries, Sea Rescue, Born to Explore, and others. Environmental and animal focused, we have learned so much as a family. I know some don't want to watch anything Sea World sponsored (Sea Rescue) but, they are great educational shows. It will make you hate people though since so many of the animals are in peril due to humans. Saturdays on ABC stations. http://littonweekendadventure.com/
  7. Martin O' Malley
    Why didn't anyone listen to me?