First and foremost, this is Memorial Day, not National BBQ/Vacation/Beach Day. Although those are fun, let's not forget the true meaning.
  1. Was my son's sous chef as he made Swedish Kladdkaka, which is essentially a fudgey brownie.
  2. Ate said Kladdkaka later in the day. Awesome!
  3. Spent significant time trying to figure out if I have a cold, allergies, or a combo.
    Because I feel gross and there is ia green cloud of pollen outside yet I have a weird cough too.
  4. Spent a significant amount of time wondering if I'm having side effects from a new anxiety medication or having menopausal symptoms.
    Because of course, they are similar.
  5. Had a crappy night's sleep.
  6. Had a three hour nap to make up for crappy night's sleep.
  7. Had some crazy-ass dreams.
    These include one about the people I babysit for (included a lot of baby shit, which is symbolic of my situation with them) and one about Jason Sudeikis, who I may now have a "thing" for. Thank you subconscious!
  8. Went to my Mom's for boiled hot dogs, chicken kabobs, fresh baked strawberry pie, and afore mentioned Kladdkaka. All in the comfort of a dining room.
  9. Looked around Mom's house and realizing if she sold it to us, it would take an overwhelming amount of work to make it the way I wanted it.
    Also, money. That we don't have. It made me sad.
  10. Try out Lady Dynamite.
    Not sure about it yet.
  11. Watch my husband binge watch The Americans.
    I catch it here and there. Not sure about this one either.
  12. Try to make a delicious gluten free, vegan pumpkin pancake...
    ...that ended up in the garbage.
  13. Made a gluten free, vegan pumpkin oven pancake that I will choke down regardless.
    I will NOT be outdone by batter!
  14. Read and interact with the folks on
  15. Write this list.