We are pretty exhausted at the end of the day, so if hubby and I are lucky, we try to have some time to ourselves in the mornings. It doesn't always go as planned.
  1. "Mom! I need help!" -with schoolwork, previously explained.
  2. "Mom! Baba is on the phone!" My mother, who I tell him I'll call back.
  3. "Mom! Baba is on the phone!!!" "I SAID I WILL CALL BACK!!"
  4. Knocking on the door
  5. Repeated knocking on the door
  6. "Mom? Is Daddy hurting you?"
  7. Crying, whining, screeching from one or more children, often directed at each other.
  8. Loud thuds, followed by screaming and/ or name calling
  9. "Mom! She's hitting me!"
  10. "Mom! He's throwing things at me!"