Top-10 Celebrity Crushes (not ranked)

Inspired by @MissJess and @theshome I think I may have done some of these in a previous list but, there is always someone new.
  1. Colin Jost
    Smart, funny, and adorable
  2. Chris Pratt
    Also funny and adorable and I had a very nice dream about him last night
  3. John Cho
    I don't think I've mentioned him before. He actually auditioned for Jim Halpert
  4. John Krasinski
    THE Jim Halpert. Funny and handsome as hell.
  5. Josh Radnor
    So smart and thoughtful. Oh, and adorable.
  6. Neil Patrick Harris
    Love him in everything! He was soo sexy in Hedwig too. I'm still trying to understand that. And his kids add to it.
  7. James Cordon
    Again with the smart and funny.
  8. Andy Samberg
    More funny!
  9. Seth Meyers
    Super smart and funny. Seems like a really good person too
  10. Judd Winick
    Smart and funny and a family man. Also a friend of Seth's via The Awesomes. Also the author/illustrator of HiLo, a graphic novel series for kids.
  11. ❤ them together! So much fun and intelligence!