I have always, for as long as I can remember, had dreams about whatever TV shows I was currently into. Last night was no exception, yet it was very unexpected.
  1. It seemed to combine elements of Girls, Scream Queens, and Brooklyn 99.
  2. But it started with Star Wars.
  3. My Mom says something to the effect, "That movie wasn't very popular and those girls in it are not going to be as famous as they thought they were going to be"
    My Mom would say something like this on real life.
  4. Now I see...
  5. But then I also see...
  6. And I think with Scream Queens, they will do just fine.
  7. Then I say, "What about Adam Driver? He seems to be doing well!"
  8. Now I see "Girls" Adam, not Kylo Ren Adam. And I think how adorable he can be.
  9. Now suddenly, I'm making out with Andy Samberg. No! It's Jake Peralta.
  10. And now we are spooning and regretting our sexual transgression.
  11. But we had good reason for this liaison! We apparently took comfort with each other because our lovers had left us.
  12. I was sobbing. Because I missed the other guy.
  13. Then I woke up and thought, "Andy Samberg is pretty adorable too!"