I've had Hulu and Netflix for about six months and an Amazon Prime account for about two years. I need to check finish some things I've started and try out some others.
  1. Parks and Rec
    Currently on Season 4, episode 21. I love this more than the first time around.
  2. 30 Rock
    I think I'm somewhere in Season 4. Also enjoying this again but I was in Lemon/Jordan/Donaghey overload and I needed a break.
  3. Portlandia
    Might be on Season 4 of this one as well. First time through.
  4. Girls
    Saw Season 1 and 2 on Prime, but I have to pay for the rest of it. Seriously considering doing that.
  5. The Office (US)
    I want to rewatch from the beginning.
  6. New Girl
    Need to start based on a couple episodes I saw this season.
  7. Community
    Need to start. I saw one or two episodes on the beginning and didn't go for it. I felt that way about Parks and Rec. too so I think I should give it another try.
  8. House
    Always looked good but, never watched.
  9. VEEP
    No HBO, but I have it on Prime. Looks really great.
  10. The Mindy Project
    Yes, I know, shame on me.
  11. Children's Hospital
    Currently finishing up it's run and I had no idea it existed. I'm not even sure I can find it.
  12. The Office (UK)
    Unbelievably, this had been sitting on my shelf for awhile. I need to get on it.