1. She is and she's not quite ok in other ways either.
  2. So this girl FINALLY admitted that someone on her father's side is African-American.
  3. She may still be hiding the Puerto Rican part. Her father changed the spelling of their last name so it wasn't Hispanic sounding.
    A simple stalking of Facebook led me to this conclusion.
  4. I hate that she feels or is being told to hide it. I have no issue with a strong cultural identity, but this girl claims she is 100% Italian, acting as if her other cultures don't exist.
    Plus, I get that she loves authentic Italian food, but she needs to try some food from the other side of the family. I mean, YUM!
  5. She calls my daughter her Asian friend and another girl her black friend.
  6. She has said some very inappropriate sexual things about a boy in the dance company. For some reason it seemed tinged with slight racial overtones.
    Interestingly, this is her close friend's boyfriend. I think she is trying to get a little too close to this boy.
  7. She's also kind of mean at times. There is no getting my daughter to give up the friendship.
    I think she'll find her own breaking point with the girl.
  8. I still kind of feel like there is some kind of emotional and alcohol abuse going on in her house. I'm sure it effects her need to control situations.
  9. She can also be super nice but, as my friend says, this girl will never have your back.
  10. Maddy has some really amazing friends at her dance studio and as far as we know, no one else calls her "The Asian Friend."