Visiting Cool Organic Farms on the End of Long Island

Two fun trips in two days! Homeschool group outings. Except for some enthusiastic talk about Donald Trump, we enjoyed it!
  1. Open Minded Organic Farm in Bridgehampton, NY.
    They grow mushrooms here. Bags of damp hay hang like punching bags. They provide the environment to flower the oyster mushrooms.
  2. Moving on to the high humidity growing room. My daughter is not a fan of mushrooms.
  3. I think they are so pretty.
  4. And probably yummy!
  5. They also grow shiitake mushrooms on sawdust.
  6. They grow many things here, all certified organic.
  7. A storm was on its way!
    I felt like Auntie Em was going to run out at any moment.
  8. Day Two:Amber Waves Farm Amagansett, NY
    This farm is also organic and grows wheat and other produce. This is Farmer Chris. They grind their wheat from wheat berries. We got to take some flour home that was ground this morning.
  9. They have chickens that they keep for manure.
    Eggs are a bonus!
  10. They also have this really cool pizza oven.
    We didn't get pizza but, we did eat a lot of bread!
  11. And my son, who doesn't retain information too well, can now tell you everything about mushrooms and wheat!