1. Race and Revolution is an art installment/exhibition that is running through Sept. 25th, on Governor's Island, NYC
  2. I organized a group of homeschoolers who I thought would be open to the fact that the policies of the late 1770's directly effect our perceptions, attitudes, and actions towards Native Peoples and African-Americans today.
  3. What an AMAZING day we had! The curator, Katie Fuller (IG raceandrevolution), spoke to us about Colonization, George Washington, and the Revolutionary War. We read letters from Washington telling his General to destroy all of the Native Peoples' land, homes, and crops. The kids then collaborated on poetry about the exhibit.
  4. Lots of the art was unmarked so that visitors could discuss without preconceived notions.
  5. This was a cross made from prison trays.
  6. 736 Toe tags representing those who have died via police confrontations from Jan 1, 2016 to Aug. 30, 2016
    Disproportionately men. Disproportionally African-Americans and Native Americans. And an 8 year old.
  7. People taking silly pictures with a totem pole that was not even created by an Indigenous Alaskan artist. It's called "Indisney Land."
    The wood chips, taken from a canoe, hand carved with only hand tools, represent the destruction of Native Peoples' culture.
  8. The most profound image in my opinion. No description but, interpreted it as a slave that has won away and that the baby shoes represented her sold children. Chills and tears.
  9. Katie's next project will be about incarcerated mothers. She does great work!
    L to R: Nicole Moore and Katie Fuller
  10. If you are anywhere near this, go before it closes. It will be moving to UCONN soon.