We Went Geocaching!

  1. We started Monday (7/18) and took a bunch of our friends!
    Such enthusiasm on such a hot day.
  2. We looked for the first one for awhile..
  3. Unfortunately, we didn't find it as we realized it was in a lot of poison ivy.
    I warned all six kids "Do NOT go into the poison ivy!" as I chased after them and went into the poison ivy. Only one listened. It's a miracle no one ended up itchy.
  4. But we persevered! We went across the street and found our first cache!
  5. So exciting!
  6. SWAG!
  7. Say "CACHE!"
    Did I mention it was really hot? Enthusiasm started to wane.
  8. We tried to find one more but, whining ensued because of the heat and there were way too many Muggles around
    As I said, heading back to the air conditioned car, "Whine all you want but, I'm not listening." (From my "Sitter of the Year" Acceptance speech).
  9. But now my kids are totally into it! It has been providing a much needed distraction and a sense of normalcy for my kids while Dad is in hospice.
  10. We have found five more since Monday! #2
    We found a coupon for TGI Fridays!
  11. #3
    Many, many bugs. Girl child's shrieks echoed throughout the woods. Worth it though as she got a cool bracelet.
  12. #4
    Way too close to the highway for my comfort but, pretty view.
  13. #5
    Easy find on the way to Grandma's house!
  14. #6
    You really have to be careful of your surroundings. This one was in a pine tree. I realized too late that, oh yeah, I have a skin sensitivity to pine trees.
  15. And we headed out again before it got too hot.
    #7 and #8 today!
  16. Geocaching can be exhausting!
    She will disown me if she knows I took this!