I'm trying to write a list everyday but, not today.
  1. Today was my daughter's dance competition of the season.
  2. She was performing a solo for the first time.
  3. I had to get her to the venue by 8:30 so I was awake before six.
  4. I didn't get to have coffee. All day.
  5. The competition started and the music was way too loud.
  6. We had to wait until about 12:30 for her solo.
  7. They were 40 min behind so, this caused my son to miss his cheer practice. I spent some time consoling him.
  8. Finally, she dances and was AMAZING!! Her director/choreographer was very pleased. And he's very hard to please.
  9. Now we have to wait for awards. This will be at 4:00. I have developed a bad headache.
  10. Awards! Nope, improve contest.
  11. Awards! Her division is very tough and she has only been dancing 2.5 years. She does not place but, her solo is ranked-Gold, High Gold, or Platinum.
  12. She gets a High Gold! Yeah!
  13. I now have a 45 min. ride home, I'm exhausted, hungry, and my head hurts.
  14. And I get to do it all again tomorrow for group dances! Yeah!
  15. And that's why I can't write a list today.
  16. Oh, and here is my girl with my Mom. Mom and I were both crying. Daddy too! Son could care less and will stay with Mom tomorrow.