You might detect a theme here.
  1. I regret eating so much out of the open bag of dog food in the closet that I had to go to Pet Emergency.
    My stomach swelled up and the vet couldn't believe I ate so much. I had to stay overnight and get fluids until I could poop it out.
  2. I regret getting into the travel bag of food that was hidden in the hotel room.
    I ate all the food mom had packed for four days. Stomach swelled up again. Not enough to go to Pet Emergency, but I wasn't really myself for the next day or so.
  3. I regret eating 7 Lindor Truffles that were part of a Christmas present.
    I had to go to the vet and drink hydrogen peroxide. It made me throw up 6 times.
  4. I regret that Oliver (the other Jack Russell in our family) had to go to the vet and drink hydrogen peroxide, too.
    Mom didn't know which one of us ate the chocolate, so the vet made us both drink peroxide. The peroxide made Oliver throw up 9 times. Turns out he didn't eat any of the chocolate.