My mom takes lots of pictures of me when I'm sleeping. I'd love to see other cute pictures of sleeping pups. Don't let me down, peeps!
  1. Like this one.
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  2. And this one.
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    Suggested by @gcowles
  3. This one
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    Suggested by @dave
  4. This one as well.
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    Suggested by @lucas
  5. Not a pic, but this video of sleeping pups and babies gives me life.
    Suggested by @lilydiamond
  6. And this
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    Suggested by @jamie
  7. like this?
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    Suggested by @white_lightning
  8. or maybe this
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    Suggested by @white_lightning
  9. there's also this
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    Suggested by @white_lightning
  10. one more
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    Suggested by @white_lightning
  11. Just 5 more mins
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    Suggested by @hate_my_selfie
  12. The night I lost my ability to reproduce :/
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    Suggested by @hate_my_selfie
  13. Arlo & June Bug
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    Suggested by @Lilysaltz
  14. Just Arlo
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    Suggested by @Lilysaltz
  15. You woke me up
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    Suggested by @kathleenstetson
  16. Eddie tried to get out of bed. Decided to take a nap instead. What a legend. @Nicholas
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    Suggested by @Caroline
  17. Bigfoot at rest!
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    Suggested by @liana
  18. Kevin burrito
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    Suggested by @maddiecalls
  19. Mister B celebrated too heartily on his 18th birthday party
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    Suggested by @fats
  20. Napping in the sun
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    Suggested by @LucieRae
  21. Just another Monday afternoon for Huck...
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    Suggested by @JBully8
  22. Kima snoozing
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    Suggested by @ouizoid
  23. Gatsby and his teddy bear.
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    Suggested by @amyjean
  24. Chance sleeping with his favorite thing: my right Birkenstock.
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    Suggested by @vera
  25. Here ya go:
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    Suggested by @JimGibson
  26. Here's my swaddled baby. 😊
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    Suggested by @michelle