My mom travels a lot. Sometimes I get to go with her - but not always.
  1. I don't like it when my mom leaves. I try to convince her to take me.
  2. If that fails, I'm usually pretty sad. The first day, I spend a lot of time watching the front door.
  3. Or sleeping by myself.
  4. Or sleeping with my Jack Russell buddy Oliver and my big brother Finn.
  5. Ray does work around the house for my mom. He's one of my favorite people. Sometimes I hang around with him.
  6. Sometimes I help Ray, like when he was building mom's new office.
  7. Sometimes I lay in a sunny spot.
  8. Sometimes I hang out in the garden. But I still keep my eye out for mom.
  9. Sometimes I get Oliver to help me watch for mom
  10. But mostly I look forward to when my mom comes home, so we can take a nap on the couch.