One day without a phone

It's long after midnight, I'm preparing for sleep, pluging my phone to charge and... IT DOESN'T WORK!! Battery is on 10%, different charger doesn't work either and I have an interview the next day. Panic mode turns on immediately! That was few days ago. My thoughts now:
  1. Loosing sleep over not working phone is totally riddiculus.
    Although it's really hard to avoid.
  2. You feel like you miss a limb.
    Or two.
  3. You blame the world.
    And promise you would treat your phone better as soon as it will work again.
  4. You pray for no emergencies in the next few hours and hope your interview won't be put off or move to another place as no one could contact you via phone.
    Please, please, please phone, fix yourself!
  5. After SO MANY panic attacks, crying and swearing you think "It's ok, it's not a big deal, it's gonna be fine"...
  6. ... and than you on your way and have to check your mail... or your bus connection... or a list of questions you've been preparing for few days...or the name of your interviewer...
    ...and your phone is dead. You have all questions, all informations how to get there, everything, on a black dead thing.
  7. You check your email frequently, as you always do.
    The case is your phone is dead so you just stare at it. No mail checking for you!
  8. You do not remember your phone is dead, so you check it and check it like your brain doesn't notice that there is nothing to check.
  9. You feel anxious. VERY anxious!
  10. You notice that your whole world is in that small black thing and start to wonder what the hell happend that you cannot live without it. And how to make it stop.
  11. But still you fix it and celebrate your return to the trap of always being connected and available.