Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

  1. A friend on twitter making a very pointed statement about the rights, or lack thereof, afforded to the Disabled
  2. My massage therapist has moved her primary practice to the OC😭
    I'm sure her clients out there are deserving but I love her more! Lol
  3. This movie #MeBeforeYou has effected so many disabled people so deeply. We're deeply hurt by it.
    But it hurts so much more that healthy people defend the movie and our opinions about our exploitation are disregarded. 😔
  4. The actor from #MeBeforeYou explaining why suicide was the only option for the successful,intelligent, affluent disabled character he plays.
    As someone who has to reaffirm multiple times a day, to myself, that my disabled life isn't worthless it feels impossible not to take this movie as telling me just the opposite is so.
  5. This is actually a trick screenshot! Cause it was taken on someone else's phone lol.
    But this was so amazeballs that I had to save it!
  6. I thought this was very randomly interesting.
    Nicotine can help w/ some symptoms of schizophrenia and with the side effects of their meds