Slayin a Breakup

I suck at breakups. or maybe everyone does *shrugs*
  1. β€’
    Me on the outside all week
  2. β€’
    How dramatic my heart was on Monday
  3. β€’
    After I bought Lemonade on Tuesday
  4. β€’
    PizzaπŸ• & Wine🍷got me through Wednesday
  5. β€’
    The mature and unemotional conclusion I've come to about life
    And believe in no one
  6. β€’
    Pizza is crucial in these dark times
  7. β€’
    Feeling bleak af on Friday
  8. β€’
    Pulling it together on Sunday... oh wait.. No. The opposite
    Totally falling apart
  9. β€’
    I'll pull it together for tomorrow... Right?
    I'm making no promises