Am not 100% sure wether I have reached what I want to "be" yet.
  1. Mermaid
    No explanation needed!!
  2. Ballerina
    Mainly for the tutus.
  3. Mermaid
    See above!
  4. Pianist
    Except I hated practicing!!
  5. Singer
    This one didn't last long.
  6. Ballerina
    Resurfaced when I started on point shoes and then came to a screeching halt 3 weeks later when I realised the pain was NOT worth it!
  7. Interior designer
    An obvious step after you get to decorate your first non-shared bedroom!
  8. Just "Be"
    Got in to college (Interior Architecture) / dropped out / just "Was" for a good few years.
  9. Mermaid
  10. Graphic Artist
    A practical creative career
  11. Graphic Designer
    An even more practical creative career which I now have a real job in!
  12. Headdress maker / Milliner
    Hopes for a hobby to become a full time career.......
  13. Mermaid
    No matter what age you are, you still need to have dreams.....