Do not pass go, down your drink and hit the middle of the floor
  1. Dancing Queen: Abba
    First song on my Karaoke machine. Kills me that I'm 20 now and not young and sweet only 17
  2. Last Nite: The Strokes
    Reminds me of a friend with the best dance moves. I have to imitate him
  3. Don't Speak: No Doubt
    Sinead Quinn Fame Academy runner up you gave 8 year old Maeve feelings she didn't know she had yet
  4. Grease Megamix
    Played at my school formal and I killed it. Bonus if you find a friend to be your Sandy
  5. Dancing On My Own: Robyn
    Preferably sung with angst into a bottle
  6. Classic: MKTO
    My summer 2014 song played in my car at full volume. Now I can rap it like a BOSS
  7. American Boy: Estelle
    Yes I do think I am Kanye in this song- and what?
  8. Sweet Escape: Gwen Stefani
    Every cheese floor in sweaty Oxford clubs where I am at my happiest
  9. Glory Days: Bruce Springsteen
    For my secret party animal mother- I think she'd disown me if the boss didn't feature
  10. Don't Look Back in Anger: Oasis
    Hate the Band LOVE this song