A Newsjump with some fiction to science. Yesterdays USA TODAY Cover (almost) as in the Back to the Future Movie from 1989 . . .
  1. Thumb Bandit Strike
  2. Man killed by falling litter
  3. Tokyo stocks up
  4. Swiss terrorist threat (dont like this. . . 😱)
  5. President says she is tired
  6. Kelp Price increase
  7. Pitcher suspended for bionic arm use
  8. Slamball playoffs begin
  9. Jaws without bite
  10. Woman asphyxiates in self adjusting jacket
  11. Activists mobilize to ban Alphabet Soup
  12. Café 80s closes Moscow Branch
  13. Mothers against drunk flying hires New Lobbyist
  14. Maddy The Hover-Boarding Dog TV Special tonight
  15. 2016 Hooverboard Models will be lighter and thinner
  16. Atrocity Channel's immolation special gets super hot ratings
  17. Vietnam surfing Championships Begin tomorrow
  18. Parole denied again