My favorite TV Series

Well... this is just a few of them ! ;)
  1. Vampire Diaries
    Just because of Ian Somerhalder. Don't need other explications...
  2. Pretty Little Liars
    We all have secrets.
  3. Doctor Who
    Who never dreamed of travelling in a box with a crazy man ?
  4. Les Parent
    A Canadian show. I just looove their accent. And this family really is funny and crazy !
  5. The Flash
    I like things which are going fast ;)
  6. Glee
    They really did amazing covers !
  7. Once Upon A Time
    I love magic. I don't care about the price.
  8. Grey's Anatomy
    Before watching Grey's Anatomy, did you know all doctors were having sex in the empty rooms of an hospital ?
  9. New Girl
    This girl is just fanstastic ! When I see what's happening to her, I don't feel crazy anymore. I'm totally normal.
  10. One Tree Hill
    Remembering my teenage years...
  11. Smallville
    The first series I've watched entirely until the end. And the begining of an addiction to all TV shows...